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NHMS 2011

In 2010, based on the recommendation by the Honourable Minister of Health Malaysia, approaches to the implementation of NHMS was reviewed to ensure a more timely information available to policy makers.  A four yearly cycle and possibility of annual data collection focusing on prioritized topic with output on national prevalences was decided upon.  The first year of the cycle, starting with NHMS 2011, was planned for the implementation of the standard scopes that have been covered since 1986.

NHMS 2011 retained similar objectives; to provide health related community base data and information so as to support the Ministry of Health Malaysia in reviewing its health priorities, programme strategies, activities and planning its allocation of resources.

Scopes covered in NHMS 2011 were grouped into two major components; health care demand of the community in Malaysia (load of illness, health seeking behaviour, health service utilisation and healthcare cost) and non-communicatble diseases (nutritional status including obesity, physical inactivity, hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia) including other health related problems (mental health problems of adults and children, home injury).

A total of 9528 living quarters were randomly selected, with response rate of 88,2%.  A total of 24, 498 respondents were successfully interviewed.

A report can be downloaded here.

  • NHMS Report 2011 Volume I - Methodology & General Findings (Download)
  • NHMS Report 2011 Volume II - Non Communicable Diseases (Download)
  • NHMS Report 2011 Volume III - Healthcare Demand And Out-Of-Pocket Health Expenditure (Download)