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What is IPH?

IPH is one of the research institutes under the umbrella of National Institutes of Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

What are the core functions of IPH?

The IPH has 3 core functions:

  • Conduct epidemiological survey research to provide evidence-based findings to policy makers and relevant stakeholders
  • Conduct training for MOH staff for professional development, particularly in the field of epidemiological research
  • Provide consultancy and technical support/ advice to MOH staff, universities and non-government agencies


What are the research projects conducted by IPH?
IPH conducts epidemiological surveys, nationally and locally. The list of research projects conducted is available on IPH website.

How can I access the research output?
The research output is available as technical reports, publications, presentations at conferences and to stakeholders, etc. The abstracts of publications and presentations at conferences and the list of technical reports are available on IPH website. The technical reports are available from IPH library.


  • IPH conducts training on epidemiological research ranging from development of research proposal, research methodology, questionnaire design, data management, Biostatistics, scientific presentations and publications.
  • IPH also conducts training on Family Health, Non-communicable Disease (NCD), Communicable Disease, Nutrition, Occupational Health and Burden of Disease, based on stakeholders’ priorities.
  • This training is conducted for MOH staff.


  • IPH provides consultancy and technical support on epidemiological survey research, Family Health, Non-communicable Disease, Communicable Disease, Nutrition, Occupational Health and Burden of Diseases.
  • Biostatistics Clinic provides technical support for research methodology and statistical analysis.

  • How do I apply for survey data from IPH?

    MOH staffs have to request permission from Director of IPH. Non MOH Staff have to request permission from Director General of Health, Ministry of Health. Please refer to IPH website (Data Request) for further details.

    Can I do an internship in IPH?

    Internships are available in IPH. Please write to Director of IPH for further details..


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